Introduction to KB Cosmetics R&D Lab

KB Cosmetics’ R&D department is at the core of the company’s growth and development. The department began at the establishment of the company and was recognized by Korea Industrial Technology Association in 2009 (Certification No. 2009350039). Our staff at the department including the director are making continued efforts in developing products of new natural and cutting-edge materials and formula based on different approach to skin care and cosmetics science. In order to maintain the highest quality for every product of ours, we comply with the rule of “One prescription for One entity” and continue to be well received by our partners and consumers over its high-quality products.

We are engaged in an extensive scope of R&D including basic skin care product line to functional product lines. In particular, we spare no efforts in generating patented products and products made of new formulation and highest functionality. On top of that, we are making further R&D efforts in cooperation with prestigious universities and renowned hospitals in the country and working hard to efficiently respond to ever-changing market situations.