Research & Development

Research & Development

Basic skin care
– Developing a variety of basic skin care products
– R&D on high-functioning packs in skin trouble soothing and pore tightening features
– R&D on excellent basic ingredient effective in preventing skin troubles and improving troubled skin
– R&D on functional skin products (brightening, wrinkle-reduction, UV-screening etc.)

Products for hospitals only
– R&D on skin improving products
– R&D on skin products for treatments in hospitals

Body & Hair product line
– R&D on eco-friendly skin products of new ingredients harmless to human body
– R&D on a variety of stable and suitable body products that can accommodate diverse consumer preferences and changing skin tones

R&D on new cosmetics materials and ingredients
– R&D on stable and safe materials and ingredients for skin products when applied on human body and skin
– R&D on substances that prevent melanin biosynthesis and have something to do with melanin degradation (natural material, microorganism)
– R&D on materials with high anti-aging / anti-oxidant effect (including wrinkle reduction) such as ß-carotene, green tea extract etc

Patented products
– R&D on high-performing pharmaceutical compositions for patent application
– R&D on new formulations differentiated from competitors

Information management
– Collecting information on cosmetics market trend and relevant popular trends
– Collecting information on new-concept cosmetics based on scientific evidence
– Analyzing consumer trend and patterns to meet customer satisfaction
– Collecting and offering information on functional skin products and patents