About us

Currently, KB Cosmetics sells about 40 different types of products including highly-functional skin care line (brightening, wrinkle reduction, acne reduction, skin revitalization, UV screening) to some 1,000 specialized clinic branches across the nation and some 10 different nations across the world.

KB Cosmetics is a cosmetics company specializing in cosmetics R&D, in engaging in OEM and ODM and in approving and thus certifying the quality for cosmetics quality according to MFDS standards. KB Cosmetics is making continued efforts based on its highly-advanced technologies in developing new products and penetrating into new local and overseas markets, which results in remarkable growth and progress.

KB Cosmetics received excellence awards from Korea’s Food and Drug Administration in the category of voluntary quality monitoring for the two consecutive years, 2006 and 2007. The company is making utmost efforts in putting in place a perfect quality control system and continuously improving its product quality and technologies.

KB Cosmetics is not sparing any investment or funding in R&D based on its firm belief that the “R&D investment will determine the corporate competitiveness in the 21st century”. We are also fully supporting in enhancing the expertise and quality of our researchers in order to retain future talents.