Project Description

PP Whitening Complex Face Lotion Double Effect

Price – 55,000 WON

Volume – 100ml

Functional whitening cosmetics
Wrinkle functional cosmetics

This product contains a variety of plant extracts, including pear extract in the form of high amounts of Pyrus Pyrifolia (Pear) Peel Extract, the world’s first ingredient listed in ICID(International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary) published by PCPC(Personal Care Products Council).
PP Whitening Complex Face Lotion Double Effect, containing pear extracts with other natural botanical components, is whitening and wrinkle-repairing functional cosmetic helps replenish moistures and rejuvenate skin cells. MFDS(Ministry of Food And Drug Safety) “PP Whitening Complex Face Lotion Double Effect” suppresses Tyrosinase enzyme activity to effectively breakdown melanin for outstanding whitening and wrinkle-repair effect. Also, Natural botanic extracted lavender oil, lemon oil and cypress oil brings you pleasure and relaxation on your mind and body. The product is especially effective on atopic skin and helps ease irritation and stimulation for clean and bright skin.